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Insurance Brokers, an important business relationship

By January 15, 2020 No Comments

Business Owners and Insurance Brokers understand the importance of good staff, suppliers and partners. The priority of an owner is to ensure there is always a healthy pipeline of business coming through the door. To also ensure their staff are nurtured and developed. To implement sound work place practices that provide an attractive proposition for staff and customers alike. The owner has a lot to consider.

However, we can’t all be experts in every field, especially when it comes to insurance. So finding an insurance broker who knows your business, is accessible and you trust is vital in today’s fast paced world. So lets quickly look at the main benefits of a good broker;

Your time is precious

Time poor business owners can’t do all the research required when it comes to obtaining the necessary insurance cover for their business. They also can’t spend the time dealing with insurance companies in the unfortunate event of a claim. This is when your broker earns their money.

As a business owner you a busy enough making sales, managing staff and making budgets. You don’t have time to do the shopping around for your business insurance. It would be easy if that was the only policy you required. However, doing business can be challenging. So on many occasions additional coverage is required such Public LiabilityManagement Liability and Professional Indemnity to name a few. Your broker will know what is important to you and your business.

You’re good at what you do, Your broker is good at insurance

If you run a business, generally you’re the expert in your field. You know your margins, you know your product offering, you know what it takes and costs to get your product out the door. So do business insurance brokers. It is not a set and forget proposition. Our world is smaller and events overseas can impact the risk appetite of our local insurers. Something they were prepared to cover last financial year may now be considered too great a risk. This may leave you exposed.

Good insurance brokers have their fingers on the pulse. They go to the market and get you the best value policy. Good insurance brokers will also explain how they arrived at their decision and keep you informed throughout the process.

Better deals, Better Cover

Business Owners don’t want to pay anymore than they have to when it comes to insurance. However, like most things cheaper is not necessarily better. The wrong cover can be an expensive exercise. You may save up front but in the event of a claim your cheaper policy may have exclusions that could cost your business more.

The core job of a good Insurance Broker is to find the business package that covers their clients risk at the best value for money. At Alliance Insurance we are part of the Steadfast Group. The scale and strength of this broker network provides the ability for our team to give businesses the best insurance solutions.

Advice and support in the event of a claim

Insurance Brokers are in your corner, not the insurer. They work for you. They will know your policy inclusions, help you through the claims process and ensure the process moves quickly. An insurance broker who is part of the Steadfast Group has the additional backing and support of a wide range of services and support. These can range from better deals and policies to support and advocacy when a dispute occurs.

Grow together

A trusted Insurance Broker is a great resource for your business. Just like an accountant or lawyer they will grow with you providing the advice and support every good business needs. The ability to pick up the phone in a time of need and get your question answered is well worth the investment.


Steven Alessio is the Sales and Marketing Manager of the Alliance Group offering Business Insurance, Fleet Management, Motor Finance and Life & Income Protection solutions for businesses and their owners. Contact Steve if you would like to talk about your Business Insurance today.